What Do I Know?

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There was a time I had an answer for everything:
  • avoiding home school burnout
  • child rearing and discipline
  • keeping a schedule
  • being a good friend
  • finding the best deals
  • choosing the best shade of make up for your complexion.
You get the idea. I was perfectly...umm...obnoxious! I was only trying to be helpful. Honestly. But mostly I was annoying.

This past year was full of so many challenges I lost sight of all answers. I didn't have any of my own; I couldn't hear or understand others' answers; I even had a hard time believing in the answers that came from God Himself.

Which brings me to this little blog. I don't think I have all the answers anymore. Seriously, I don't. But I do think it could be fun to share some of the things I get into in life. I can tell you a little about what I'm learning, you can tell me a little about what you're learning, and we can walk this path of life together.

What do you say? Will you join me?

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Anne said...

Deb--One thing I love most about you is your honesty. You are one of the people that has taught me over the past 2 years that no one has all the answers and shown me how to show grace to one another. I know I don't have them either. Sometimes I sound like it because I gather a lot of information--but I know I don't have the answers. Thanks my friend for being my friend and for being you. ;)