My New Throw Pillows

Our couch throw pillows are gross. 
(Which is why they've been shoved under our couches for two years.) 
They are stained and ripped and just plain icky!
I just can't stomach spending money cleaning or replacing them
when I could spend that money on a weekend here with my girlfriends:

(Guess where I'll be chillaxin' this weekend?)

That's why I sifted through my linen closet 
to find this pair of $15 Ikea curtains I knew I'd bought.

I washed them on hot and dried them on high heat to prevent any future shrinking.
I cut them up into pieces with my fabric shears, pinned them together, 
and whipped up six bright white cotton pillow covers. 
I found clip art I liked online to match our home decor, 
enlarged it in my photo editing program, printed and cut them out. 
I lightly traced them onto the new pillow cases with a regular pencil.

Before I got out my new bottles of Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and began filling in the outlines.
I placed pieces of poster board (and plastic place mats) 
inside the cases to prevent bleeding-through.

I painted on the lusciousness of starfish and clam shells all afternoon 
in fun "retro" colors and ended up with this little piece of heaven for my living room:

Are they not stinking adorable?! 
My favorite is that little crab in the middle.
Well, and the sea horse. 
And, seriously, chck out that star fish.

But we can't leave the sand dollar behind--
he's precious in his own way.

I can't wait til hubby gets home so I can show him the fabulousness.
I have to temper my excitement. 
Really, how excited can one man get...
about throw pillows?

If you come visit, choose your favorite and cuddle on up on the couch with me.
You know I always have a tea kettle on,
and I allow feet on my cushions.

My original inspiration for covering my pillows comes from Lemon Tree Creations.
Check out the awesome stencilled pillows they made here


amy said...

I'm partial to sea horses, but the crab is pretty cute :)

molly susan strong said...

love 'em

AmethystToeShoes said...

So DELIGHTED to find your little tutorial plus your pillow are INCREDIBLE!! Love them. WOW! I can see myself sewing on beads etc. PEFECT for A child's room, A beach house or SUMMER!!!!

Alice said...

these are awesome! great idea! i love IKEA, but would never have thought to do some thing like this. love it :)