Spring Day

I'm deep cleaning right now.

Well, not quite right now, but today. I'm cleaning because it is warm outside and I want to pull the freshness inside my house.

I should be walking or biking or sitting in the sun soaking in Vitamin D. But I'm not. I'm stripping couch cushions and stain spotting the carpet. I'm wiping the fronts of cabinets and the pantry.

And I'm blogging.

Whoopie! I'm BLOGGING!!

I've been missing writing. I have no motivation to write for money right now, or for fame. Not to build up my portfolio or to practice. I have this feeling that I'm not doing what I've been called to do, and that creates a longing deep down in parts of me that lie dormant.

So you might see more of me. Might. Don't want to push it.

Besides, I need to get back to cleaning.

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