Turning It on Its Head


Home school.

Sometimes it gets rough and hairy.

Sometimes I can't see my way through the next year,
     let alone the next month...
          or week...
               or day...
                    or hour...
                         if I'm honest.

I spent a season recently belly aching. A friend called to see how things were going. She really, genuinely wanted to know. So I told her. And she listened, and empathized, and shared her stories. I hung up feeling like I'd verbally vomited on her; I felt just terrible. But after our conversation, I realized her letting me just get it all out (with no condemnation or judgement, or even hastily prepared answers on her part) helped me to start pulling out the themes.

It's not that home schooling wasn't working for us. It wasn't even that I was in a rut. It was that I was beating my head up against the same situation over and over again, but expecting different results. Help me out here--isn't that the definition of insanity.

I was not frustrated.
Rather, I was insane.

Yep, that explained a lot.

So I thought of that old Lionel Kiddie City commercial jingle:
     "Let Lionel Kiddie City turn your frown upside down."

I turned insanity on its head.

How did I do that?

You'll have to come tomorrow to find out...

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