Just Enough > All Or Nothing

This. is. my. pantry.

 It is a hot mess. I know. It needs a major overhaul.

I don't have 8 (or, more likely, 38!) consecutive hours to tackle it.

So what will I do?

I will do what I did with my frig this morning.

Just Enough.

Just enough to organize it. Just enough to make it accessible and neat. Just enough to be functional and somewhat aesthetically pleasing.

I will not worry that every part of it is not perfect. I can ignore the parts I chose not to tackle today.

I will ignore the evil perfectionist voice that says, "Ditch the playground and spend the entire afternoon completely deep-cleaning every little crack and crevice."

I will ignore the voice that says erasing every little speck of dirt will somehow make me feel better.

I will also ignore the voice that says, "Forget about it! Don't even touch it because you'll never get to it all."

I will ignore the All or Nothing voice.

I will listen to the Just Enough voice.

note: This philosophy must not be applied to every area of life. There are times when Just Enough is not nearly enough!

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