Just Enough : In the Bedroom

Now don't get ahead of yourself; I'm talking design here. Painting.

Nearly nine years ago we moved into a home painted Shrimp Bisque. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds. It has taken us nearly a decade to put the soup to rest in the master bedroom. We opted for the new shade of Malted Milk. (What is it with food names?)

So why the not-so-sudden move to paint? Two reasons:
  1. I told hubby there's no way we could paint a room together with both of us surviving. He took it as a challenge.
  2. We're taking a class on marriage at church and had the homework assignment to plan a date that was meaningful to us.
I had a plan. He had a plan. Both our plans were best. Both were worst. But we both did what needed done--spoke kindly, and yielded to the other. Mutual submission. Me with my mouth, he with his brain.

Now it's not perfect. I think his dresser is cluttered;

he thinks my two frames are a bit much.

And the teddy bears? They're a fun thing for us...a story for another time.

But here's the main deal: we did Just Enough. We still need new window treatments, and to refinish the top of my dresser, We could use some help with arranging

and decluttering. Maybe Clean House. But we survived and we're happy with the color.

So what do you need to tackle with the Just Enough philosophy?

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