A Little Love Gift

Brooke's love language is GIFTS. Just like her mama. So the other night when I found a white box that just cried out for some bling, I whipped her up a little sumpin-sumpin. (Oh, should 38 year old mothers really say that?)

(I'm going to have to learn to use my camera to its fullest if I'm going to keep sharing my crafts with you. But for now, this will have to do:)

(Okay, so now I have my next project...figuring out how to make little photos run across, not down, a blogger page.)

I can tell you she jumped across the couch onto me, hugging me the tightest she has in a long, long time. And she did it twice more! I was so happy I spent the 30 minutes it took to really reach her heart. It was a happy moment.

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