Rolling Around in My Mind

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I've been thinking about so many things I don't even know where to start a post. So I thought I'd give you my top ten thoughts:

10. I really need to stock the fridge with healthy foods. I'm getting a wee bit crabby lately because I'm forgetting to eat, and then I'm grabbing junk. Not a pretty picture.

9. I got my Makia Creations kits in the mail and I can't wait to get started on this adorable sign and this sweet magnet board.

8. I must, must, must exercise. I can feel my jeans snugging up and my mood sliding down. Mornings aren't the best time anymore, so I need to experiment and find a time that works into our lifestyle.

7. I have to remind myself that every year February is the month when I wonder if we'll survive the home school year. I have to work in some fun so we don't succumb to the stir-crazies.

6. I want to paint my bedroom. We've lived here almost nine years and our master is still painted the powdery shade of peach called Shrimp Bisque. Yes, it's as bad as it sounds!

5. I am so incredibly grateful for my online art therapy class, Soul Restoration.  It's been so healing for me. I think I'll move on to part 2.

4. I am only one book away from completing the adult reading program through our county's library system. When I'm finished they'll give me a cool mug with a crab on it for drinking my morning tea.

3. I feel better when my windows are clean. I'm more likely to look out them and notice really awesome things--like a huge hawk in the oak tree out back this afternoon. What an amazing flight!

2. I'm glad I bought this blog design. I'm more excited about coming here to write.

1. I'm making my hubby something so special for Valentine's Day that he'll love it more than potato chips. And coffee. I can't wait to show you!

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