Finally, a Little Purty

I haven't decorated this year like I usually do. I just haven't had the desire or the energy. Winter does that to me sometimes. But today I forced myself down into the storage room to find our springies, like this cozy pink teapot and teacups.

This is the top of my computer cabinet in the kitchen. So cute! I just love that picture of the children watching for sprouts. Precious!

And did you see those sweet little figurines? My mom got those for the kids last year. Truly adorable!

Check out those coffee filter blooms in the Voss water bottle. I just couldn't throw it away--or even recycle it. It's such a great height. And, yes, the tulips are real. And I plan to keep refilling the vase as they expire. That's my spring gift to myself!

A couple weeks from now we'll clear this shelf off to make room for Easter baskets. My hubby bought each child a Longaberger Easter basket from the year he was born. I just love telling that story. Really, how many men do you know who think of things like that? He's a keeper!

Now I'm off to put away all the things I took off in order to create space. I'll pull them out again in May for summer. Can't wait!

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