Fiddling with my Food

I am bent on coming up with a meal-scheduling tactic that works for our family. I don't do too well with others' methods, cute as they can be and practical as they seem. No, I seem to have to reinvent the wheel in order to have peace in some things.

This weekend I came up with a system that I think will work for us.

I wrote down all our main dish, side dish and misc. favorite dinner foods on magnets.

Then I chose the ones we'll use this week

and arranged them on a pretty magnet board on the side of the frig. (Yes, the frig is magnetic, but I just fell in love with this square!)

The goal is to choose the menu for the week and post it. I also put a little paper on the side for jotting down things we need from the market.

It's pretty, functional, and easy to use. It could be a winner in our house! Love when that happens.

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charli said...

Love this idea!!