Setting Boundaries

We school year-round. It just works for our family. Hence, the need for a little (and quite adorable, I must say) "reminder" for neighborhood kids (whom we love to play with) who are out on spring break or summer vacation.

I ordered a kit from Makia Creations to help out with our little situation.

Isn't it awesome?

We hung the sign on a magnet just about their height. Now they can ring to their hearts' content...when it says "now." (Let's just hope the littlest one can read.)

I heart Makia Creations. They put together kits that make crafting simple, quick, and downright pretty. I put this together in about 15 minutes, using a video tutorial on their web site. I love that all the materials are purchased, cut, and ready for assembly. (Check out their web site for more kits.) Oh, and the best part? There's a little surprise in your delivery.

Note: Last night an adult friend stopped by, saw the sign and didn't ring the bell. Hmm...I put it at kids' height. Oops! Any ideas on how to remedy that?

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sherri said...

I hope it works for you for the little people, not just the big ones. Years ago I would put up a paper stop sign on our door. The little boy would just plant himself outside our door on the step. Boy was that distracting