Mardi Gras Our Way

We learned about Carnival (known as Mardi Gras in the U.S.) in a home school workshop at the library last week.

The boys learned about Belgium's celebration and built a float to represent its main celebration points.

Brooke worked with a few other girls learning about Brazil and building a float.

It was pretty cool to learn about something I'd always heard of but didn't really know much about. 

It got tricky when I had to really bring the explanation down to their level, with application to their lives. It went something like this:

"People celebrate the arrival of spring by doing things like throwing parades and drinking lots of wine, and even honoring idols like Bacchus. Then, 40 days before Easter, they decide to stop celebrating and "clean up" their behavior for Easter

It's not wrong to celebrate a new season--God created seasons. And it's not wrong to set aside a time to focus intently on our relationship with God. What is wrong is thinking we can dishonor God and then hide the mess. Think back to the Garden of Eden--did that work for Adam and Eve? 

No matter what we do, we are to respond to God's love by honoring Him. We can celebrate spring, and we can celebrate upcoming Easter--in ways that bring glory to Him."

I think they understood. I hope they did, because we had dinner at a little New Orleans style restaurant where the walls were lined with photos of the parades ("Mommy, what is that lady wearing?") and little medallions honoring Bacchus. Hmm...maybe next Fat Tuesday we have pancakes.

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