Brad's 9th Birthday

My oldest son had a big birthday recently...9! 
This is how he woke up that special morning.

We started a new tradition I read about on a blog (wish I could remember which one).
I hung 9 balloons, each filled with $1. 

But I made up my own rules: no using your hands to pop them.
He was pretty smart. He got his siblings to hold them while he popped them.

 Pretty smart, eh?

After all the popping, he partook (is that a word?) in his annual box of sugar cereal.
It's a really cool tradition a handyman passed along to us--
each child gets a box of sugar cereal on his birthday morning to eat and share.
He chose Cookie Crisp.
Yum for the sharing part!

He was so excited to read all his cards.

So were the other children.

(I couldn't resist adding that one. There are a dozen similar to it.)
 This is how he wanted to spend his special day--riding bikes at the local state park.

Of course, being as musical as he is, he had to give a little to his paper jamz guitar.

He asked for the four layer All American Chocolate Cake from Costco. 
(I'm so glad he did. It's super-yummy.)

It was a pretty cool day.
This is the exact moment he turned nine.
Awesome, eh?

That's because he's one AWESOME kid!

Happy 9th Birthday, Bradley!

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Alice said...

happy 9th, bradley! whoot! whoot!