This is a First!

I'm excited about my home school review in a few hours!


That's BIG!

I mean s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y BBIIGG!!

I can't think of one single time in the past seven years 
that I haven't been a huge nervous wreck 
about end of the year home school review.

Here's what's different this year:
  1. I have a new reviewer. I LOVED my former reviewer, but she moved away. I'm excited because my new reviewer uses KONOS, too! Wahoo!
  2. I've already filed beginning and middle of year work samples for each subject into a binder for each child, leaving only a few miscellaneous items and final samples to be filed. Awesome!
  3. I am older and wiser, and more confident. I know, I know, silly. But I mean it. It's only taken me SEVEN years to get to the point of confidence in what I've done with my kids all year. I'm going to enjoy this (sure to be short) season totally.
I'm taking the next two and a half hours to sit in the sun, drink something cold and yummy, and read a novel. Maybe I'll even squirt on a little coconut lime spray to usher in summer.

See you soon, Sherri, sunglasses and all!


Alice said...

you go, girl! it's going to be an awesome evaluation and then you have all summer long to enjoy yourself! spritz a little coconut lime spray for me :)

Deb said...

Thanks, Alice :) It was a pleasurable review.