I love finding a good idea on another blog...

Okay, so this is THE cutest, cutest, cutest WREATH!

Just so you know, I think it's absolutely ADORABLE!

And this is what I did to my long wall hall recently.
Let me say it's been long in coming,
and worth every moment I waited for it.

Boy, that photo just doesn't do it justice at all.
In fact, it makes me kind of reticent to post it here.
But if you visit (and I hope you will), 
I just know you'll love it, too!

If it weren't for Mrs. Smith, I wouldn't have had the guts
to take out the mats and blow up the photos.
They really pop without the matting!


Periwinkle Jen said...

It is beautiful in person:-)

Alice said...

really, really beautiful, deb!

Anne said...

It looks great :)Deb--you're such a great decorator!

Deb said...

Thanks, ladies :) I really did have fun with these. I love beautiful things--they remind me of the care God took to make things beautiful for us.