summer fun: silly photo booth

The kids bought foam core board and poster board at the dollar store,

put together some fun frames,

and signs,


and kissy lips, 

and dragged out a few props from the playroom 

to create this 





And just because I'm faithful to all two of my regular readers,
I'll throw in a little extra shot my facebook friends didn't get:

Yep, that's me trying to do my Rocky thing.
I know, didn't work so well.
Maybe next time I'll try a moustache!


Alice said...

what a great idea, deb! these are wonderful pictures that your kids (and you) will cherish for a long time! and what fun you had :)

Becky S. said...

LOL! AWESOME stuff here! How 'bout some 8x10's for the wall in the middle of deep dark February? :oD Love it all, Deb!

Deb said...

We think alike, Becky! I had about 10 8x10's made :)