To be 5 again...

It would be lovely to be five again...

to wear a cowgirl hat and a cheshire grin with confidence

to dress for your first ballet class

to get Shirley Temple curls and sing "Animal Crackers in My Soup"

to fit perfectly up against Mama's neck

to watch Dad cut a hole in the roof in absolute wonder

to swing with your eyes closed, 

totally trusting your girlfriend who loves to play Cowgirl Sisters with you

to still fit in a grocery cart

to play dress up with your favorite doggie

to play Mama

to a canteloupe!

Oh, the glory of being five!


Anonymous said...

I write comments but I'm not even smart enough to get them to stay..........but love this blog. I go to it often and always excited to see a new post. B is getting so big.......wow 5. Her hair seems lighter too. Tonya Walls

Deb said...

You figured it out this time :) She is precious, if I do say so myself. Have a fantabulous holiday weekend, Tonya!