Camp Week

This year ALL FOUR children were at CAMP at the SAME TIME.

I didn't know what to do with myself.
I thought maybe I should be constructive and industrious and CLEAN the house.
That idea lasted about half a second.

I laid on my SWING

 (sans children)
and worked my way through a NOVEL or two.

I had a fabulous DAY-LONG DATE with my hubby.
We ate a fabulous GOURMET BREAKFAST at Miss Shirley's.
I had Coconut Creme Stuffed French toast.
Hubby had Surf and Turf Omelette.
We went out on a SPEEDBOAT TOUR of our city's harbor afterward.
That was a lot of FUN!

We also ate this perfectly yummy soft-serve-ice-cream-tasting banana 
at ANNIE'S BANANIES in the Light Street Pavilion.

I visited my favorite consignment BOUTIQUE, The Shabby Button in Kingsville.

I had LUNCH WITH A FRIEND at my all-time favorite lunch spot, Open Door Cafe.

I'm already working out how much MONEY we need to SAVE each month
so we can afford to send the kids to CAMP NEXT YEAR.

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rockspringmama said...

Loved the pics, and I think I'll have to check out that novel! :) Sounds like a wonderful week!