A Whirlwind Summer

This summer has been...well...unique. 

Seems each summer I try something new.
This year I let everyone try multiple activities and camps.

That means we were running, running, running.
I'm a hermit. I don't run. I live on s...l...o...w... speed.

We all learned a little bit about ourselves:

Brea loves dance and thinks gymnastics might be a good move for her.

Brian likes tennis...in the shade. He does not like to be hot and sweaty.

Brooke loves to sing and act, and is on track to become a junior counselor at arts camp.

Brad loves basketball, and works really, really hard to get better and better at it.

I much prefer our school-year schedule, 
when we have lots of fun family time and dinners together

We're taking "off" in August. 

Not like we're-not-doing-anything "off,"
but we're-gearing-up-for-getting-back into a manageable rhythm "off."

We still have plenty of fun scheduled with family and friends.
We're just not running, running, running.

Lord, lead us into the rhythm you have set for our family.
Allow me to hear what You have to say to me,
and then let us proceed according to Your direction.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Hi Deb! I'm with you on the hermit thing. Someone asked me if I was putting my kids in camps while we did the kitchen this summer, and I think I just gave her a blank stare. "Huh, hadn't really thought of that." But it looks like your kiddos had a blast! Enjoy your month off. :)

Re school desks... they were kind of a novelty around here, too, and I'm dreaming of tablework together now that we'll have a breakfast bar to contain crumbs. ;) Actually, my boys never sat properly at the table, but the desks are adjustable, so that helped them develop better writing posture. My main trouble was not having room for a desk for ME near their desks, so I was hunched over like a schoolmarm a lot, which got old. I will probably still send them to their desks when they need some space to work away from the maddening crowd. ;)