My Studio

This is a time I wish I'd taken up photography seriously. I'd love to edit these pics so they look uber-professional and dreamy. But reality is all I have the skill for. Oh well.

This month I worked really hard to turn our Kidz Kave (hang out room) into the Studio (art studio). Hubby painted and moved furniture in. I worked at bringing in things I had around the house to create a space that brings a smile to my face. I have a few things I'll be adding and changing, but it's about 3/4 of the way done.

This is where I keep all my supplies. I ordered really pretty seashell themed papers to replace the funky bright papers. That will make a big difference. I like my mess to be behind closed doors. I wish you could see my cute little birdcage on top of the hatboxes. So charming.

I love my little sewing organizer. I bought the wooden box from my favorite consignment shop and covered over the painted flowers with that cute ribbon (I got from the same place) that says "Life's a Beach."  I think I want to hang something I've actually sewn over the whole table. Guess I should get sewing :)

This is the new Kidz Korner. I used a plant stand to organize all their papers, markers, canvases, etc. It's a fun place for them to go to get all their goodies. I realized after I snapped the pic that my favorite part--the white wooden carousel we store all the colored pencils and markers--was missing. It's being used by these cute kids making some awesome paper cities. I'll post about that later.

This is our cute little paint wall. I might eventually replace the paints with artwork we create. But for now, it's fun to see all the bright colors! The magnet board below the paints is temporarily bare. I have a feeling all the bare spots in the room will be filled soon enough.

This is a fun way to display my ribbons. I'd say I buy most of my ribbon either for Valentine's Day or for my girls, hence all the pink. I'm excited to see the messages the children plan to leave us for inspiration. 

This is one thing I love love love. I'm sorry I can't photograph better. I got a frame I love from Goodwill and replace the glass with galvanized metal. Then I put all my embellishments, buttons, sequins, etc. in clear condiment containers from the local restaurant supply store and hot glued magnets on the back. I can see all those little things I've been saving for year, but not using because they were a mess in a drawer. The silver platters above are held up with DiscHangers and are from the dollar store. Cheap but cute.

This is my very favorite part of the room. I haven't decided if I'll leave her white or start embellishing her with all sorts of doodads. That could be really fun! She's on the wall I want to put my favorite inspiration pieces, and things I create. I will see this wall as I sit and create.

My boys have asked for me to not make things so "pretty." I gently reminded them that this is "my" room for this season, and I am sharing it with them. TeeHee. 

The next room we'll tackle is my hubby's new model train room. It used to be a playroom.


Alice said...

wow! looks like a fun place to hang out! i love it!

the ribbon hanger is a great idea! i'm guessing the bars disconnect on one side to load the ribbons on? i really like this. and "the future" wall is awesome! i like the quote you used. if you accessorize her you could change it out with the changing seasons. BUT i love her just like she is!

great job, deb, i'm totally jealous!

Inge said...

I am very inspired to get my crafts organized now! I agree... what I don't see, I don't use. Great Job! I love it! ~ Inge

Inge said...

Great job! I am inspired to organize my crafts now. I agree...I don't use what I don't see. It looks wonderful! ~ Inge