Enlightening or Embarassing?

Why not keep going with a good thing?

10. My dog is the Candy Cane Caper. Our 13 year old husky has apparently developed an affinity for the striped goodness. That means there can be NONE wrapped up under the Christmas tree lest he sniff them out and tear into them.

9. Bubble wrap is still the best Christmas gift. Every year I remember this--after I've spent untold amounts of money on the things it comes wrapped around. (Yes, I ended my sentence with a preposition. What's scarier is that I called myself out on it. Maybe it's time to get some work!)

8. For the first time in my life I love drug reps. I was recently diagnosed with allergy induced asthma and came away with some costly samples. Keep on, time-hoggers.

7. Fast food is the enemy. No matter if it's from Taco Bell or the local pizza place, it's nasty, provides no nutrition, and makes my muffin top bigger. Time to cook large amounts of food and freeze.

6. I am a terrible mother. My children asked me if I would color with them, and I pushed them off to write this blog post nobody will even read. Really?! I have a need...a need for...words. Not as exciting when it doesn't rhyme :(

5. Boys' dress shoes are rare and priceless. They will wear these shoes for caroling, Christmas, to celebrate the first Saturday of the year, when the sun shines past 5pm, for Easter, until their toes pop out the end, because at these prices I will force myself to learn how to make them into sandals.

4. I own a hair crimper. And I nearly used it tonight. On my 11 year old daughter. I used to use one on my 11 year old self. I am officially old. I should have gotten the hint when they started playing "my music" in elevators at JC Penney.

3. I like getting away with girlfriends. Soul Restoration 2 inspired me to do something I've always wanted to do, so I planned a girls' getaway. It. was. so. fun. I got some bad news while I was away, but my friends wrapped me in love. They are the awsomest!

2. 40 is going to be a good year. I learned so many things during 39 that I can finally live in the freedom I know is mine. Thank you Jesus!

1. It's important to love extravagantly while I have the chance. Because someday the chance will be taken from me.


jenn said...

I read it! So pushing the kids off was officially worth it! ;)

jenn said...

I read it! So pushing the kids off to write is officially wormy it! ;). And btw your one of the best mamas I know!

Alice said...

great list! and as far as #6 goes - i read every word you write :) so, don't be down-hearted or concerned. keep it up. and 40 is going to be a great year for you! BUT your point #1 is by far and away the ab.so.lute best!