Growing Forever


My daughter heard:

Whatever you will be in life, 
you will be by the time you're 18. 
You will never be more than that.

Of course that's not what was said, 
but it is what she heard. 

Only seven more years to get it right.


Nothing new for decades.


We laid on our stomachs on my bed.
Time for a growing-up girl chat
about filtering what we hear
and from whom we hear it
and in what context.

Time to share
Sure I grew up to the age of 18.
I grew bones, hair, brain power.
I grew in knowledge and experience.
I even grew in character and love.

But if I'm honest
[and I try to be]
I've grown the most 
in the past eleven years.

Since she was born.
Since I became a mother.
Since my heart filled up with love
and set me on a journey far above rooftops.


We never stop growing.
He who began a good work in us
will be faithful to complete it.

He constantly molds us into His image,
full of grace and mercy, 
loving us far beyond what even
our earthly hearts can comprehend.

No, sweet child,
you will not be all you were meant to be
by the time you are eighteen years old.
You will be all you were meant to be
when He completes you.


Suz said...

Debbie - This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your heart and soul with us :)

Alice said...

this is beautiful, deb, and i plan to share it with my daughter - who IS 18 - when she wakes up :)