Another Top Ten?

Really, do I think I'm David Letterman? Or is that Jay Leno? Can you tell I don't watch the late-night shows? Well, every now and then I sneak in a SNL. But I usually can't make it past the opening monologue.


10. I am a hermit. A high introvert. Seriously high. I am surrounded by extroverts.  All my friends know the ins and outs of each others' lives, and I'm stranded on this little island, watching what tidbits I can see from afar. I want to be involved. But in a feast-or-famine manner, I deplete myself in "friendship binges." Help!

9. I am gearing up to start Soul Restoration 2 with Melody Ross. The rest of the online class is finishing up right now, but I ran into some unexpected delays (see above); so I'm getting ready to dive in. First I need to set up my craft room. At least unearth the table. So....ahem...I'll be starting Soul Restoration in December 2013. (teehee)

8. I'm loving my Bible study. It's on words, based on the book of James and it's pretty powerful stuff. Let's just say my husband is very, very thankful I've been invited to participate.

7. I am fed up with my gut. My muffin top. I know it's time to cut back on the junk food when I get golf-ball sized fat deposits on the inside of my knees. Blech! I'm having a mental block that says, "Come on, girl. You still have room in those new pants you bought because you outgrew your old ones." True. But not inspiring. All I need to do is get up and bike in the mornings like I used to, and "just say no" to treats. I'm a treat-a-holic. For true.

6. My identity is not directly tied to my size. I keep reminding myself. (see above)

5. I am completely, totally, awesomely stoked for a girls' retreat coming up. Eight of us are sneaking away for a few days to a beautiful 1928 era cabin a little north of us. I've got twinkle lights and roaring fireplaces on my mind. It'll be just in time for frost and early Christmas. Yay!

4. We've moved Thanksgiving. To Saturday so my sister and her family can join us. If you come from a family that takes tradition very seriously, like I do, you know that's BIG news. I wonder if we'll end up doing something completely hip and untraditional. Could be kind of fun!

3. I'm letting things go. That's code for "Don't look too closely if you come to visit, because the other guests are really dust bunnies dressed for company." Between schooling at home, adding in extracurriculars, Bible studies, occasional playdates (see #1), and some time with my husband, I've simply run out of time. Ignoring housework seems to carry the least serious consequences. Time will tell.

2. I'd like to write fiction. There. I said it. Out loud. In public. (Thank God nobody reads this blog!) I love poetry, and I have somewhat of a handle on non-fiction when I get serious about it. After all, I paid a lot of money to get my degree in Professional Writing and Publications. But I've always been afraid of writing novels. Maybe I'll start with short stories. I know they're technically harder because you have to weave so much into a short piece. Still...maybe Soul Restoration 2 will help me get started.

1. I am almost 40. Another out-loud admission. Not so exciting as writing fiction. But I'm thinking of how I'd like to celebrate next spring. Maybe a 40 things list...things I'd like to do or try. Or maybe singling out the 40 people who've most influenced me in my life to thank them. THAT would be fun! Ideas, people, ideas!!

You are a spectacular audience. Nary a cough in the midst of my tirades. I look forward to my next top ten list. It's a little bit cleansing, as self-help-pitiful as that sounds.


Becky S. said...

Ooo! I like the idea of 40 thank-you's. Actually, I like any LIST idea, but that one sounds especially inspiring!

Alice said...

in re: #2, i read your blog :) but your secrets are safe with me! hahahaha! hang in there, deb!

and trust me - the housework will still be there when/if you feel so moved to do something about it. i'm still waiting for the urge to hit here in my own place :)