Breathe. Remember.

Breathe in.

He is my strength.

Breathe out.

He is my peace.

Honestly, that's what I'm having to do lately. Seems like we went from whirlwind vacation to hurricane to one marvelous day of school to death in the family to two weeks of catch-up, not so great schooling. I feel like I'm shoving about 80 hours worth of work into each day. Our house is a wreck. And don't even remind me I have to get up into the attic to exchange clothes for the season. That will just do me in.

I had to go shopping today. Poor me, right? I lost twenty pounds last year, so I gave away most of my clothes. Ten of those pounds found me again. Dang, they must have built-in GPS! So I have nothing that fits me. My little sister came to rescue me at JC Penney, to keep me from cyring a river in the dressing room. It was fun. After I bought some clothes, I ate a highly fattening meal and drank an empty-calorie beer. Whoops.

I've spent the evening packing for an educational field trip four hours from home, My hubby told the children he'd put up the car dvd player, but mean home school mommy nixed that idea. They're going to have to listen to books on tape and read tons of history books. Oh, I'm mean!

I could keep rambling, but instead I'm going to read a half hour of "I Don't Know How She Does It,," because that chick is way more stressed and busy than I am. I don't know, kind of makes me feel better. Sad, I know.

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