it is well

I can assuredly say none of my grandchildren will be named Irene. She cut into the last week of television priveleges my children have until next summer. She is not very popular in our house.

All in all, we're very blessed as far as the weather anomalies over the past week. We missed the east coast earthquake--the sand in NC didn't rumble too much. We did pack up and leave the beach early when we were boarded up for Hurrican Irene. Something about the nailing into the house freaked me out and we packed up and left in an hour.

We're showering at my sister's house today (and the kids are getting in some tv) because we have no power. It went out Saturday night just after we finished Soul Surfer. My hubby spoke with our county councilman today and he said we're not on the schedule to be worked on for a WEEK.

Is it a catastrophe? No. Really, the only thing we're missing is a frig and hot showers. We can drive the 30 mins. here to shower. And maybe even visit her mall which houses a Build A Bear. My kids are itching to get there. We can eat non-heated things for breakfast and lunch, and maybe we'll get invitations for dinners. (We have one for tonight.) Or we can try grilling. Our grill has a side burner for steaming veggies.

We are truly blessed. Truly. Nobody's hurt. We're having fun. We have amazing friends and family. But I'm still battling a feeling of...not sure how to describe it. Loss, maybe? Disconcertment. Displacement. I'm not sure. But that's why I will sing "It is well with my soul."


Alice said...

i feel your pain. several years ago we had4 hurricanes hit back to back here in florida. in the process we lost our roof - literally, and the ceiling collapsed in on us, we were without power for almost 3 weeks total. no one got hurt, not even an animal, so we were truly blessed. now when a hurricane comes, we head to the hotel :). too many trees in our yard - that's why it's called "the country" :). glad to hear you are doing fine, hope you had no serious damage, and i'm sorry the kids are losing TV, but maybe gaining B-A-B, yes! that will be fun! hang in there :)

Alice said...

i tried to leave a comment here earlier and was unable to. i have a new computer, so it might be an issue on my end. glad you all didn't get hit any worse with irene, sounds bad enough as it was. hang in there, glad you have your power back :)

Luanne said...

Wow. I am glad to read your family was not hurt! You have a beautiful attitude in the face of inconvenience.