Last December, I wrote this post, Thawing Out
when I was just finally beginning to awaken to life
 after a long, hard spell.

Today I can say I'm just a little sliver of ice 
floating around in a tall glass of cool water. 
What a splendid place to be! 

This morning I read a post on home schooling and got a nostalgic, 
"I remember when life was like that," feeling deep in my heart.


I'm inspired to put together our art room.
I even dreamed about it last night.
My Ikea catalog is dog-eared with possibilities.


I rearranged two twin beds and rearranged dressers for my girls.
This weekend I'm going to help them put up their wall decorations.


I'm almost back...
though I think of Sara Groves' words:

But the places that used to fit me
Cannot hold the things I've learned

I'm glad they can't.
I'm excited to find new places.

Scared, but excited.

Isn't that what living is--dangerous and fulfilling?
I'm right where I need to be...
and I'm feeling it.

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