Turning IT On Its Head

A little while ago I told you our homeschool days were not going very well. I was tired of arguing all morning to get my kids to get their chores and morning routine done before the start of school. I had begun to dread mornings, which meant we were getting a late start to our day, which meant schooling into the evening, which meant one gradually insane mommy.

So, I decided to capitalize on our energy schedule. The kids are jumping beans after dinner, so I switched their housekeeping chores. Now, instead of tidying the house before school in the mornings, they tidy it after dinner in the evening.

I was also frustrated because I love teaching--and I wasn't getting to do any of it while I was happy. Really, after nagging over chores, and helping all four get through the dreaded math and language arts independent work, I was wiped. So our science and social studies, art and music and p.e. stunk! They were getting the facts, but not the fun.

I decided to turn that upside down, too. Now just after we get up to a clean house, we do yoga together (threw that in for some physical fun), and then Bible and a fun subject together--one where I get to really teach!

We're enjoying our homeschooling days much more! Thank you, GOD. And thank you to a very special friend who helped me to see this new possibility simply by listening to me complain about what WASN'T working for our family.

Happy Monday!

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Tammy Miller said...

Deb, I am so glad that things have worked out with some changing around. Sometimes you need to change things up and it sounds like it is working.