Food, Fractions and Fun

I've learned a few things recently.

5. No matter how great my idea is, I shouldn't mention it until I'm ready to take it on. I have many more ideas than hours to pursue them. I need to ask God to show me which ones are worthy of my time and attention, and table the rest.

4. I can't eat healthy if I don't shop healthy. Because when I open the frig, if there is nothing there, I will order crap. Then I will eat said crap. Then my jeans won't fit. Truth.

3. The state is not the boss of me. I get so wrapped up in how the state wants me to homeschool, and I miss the whole point of homeschooling--helping my children to pursue learning in active, dynamic ways according to their leanings.

2. Hormones are powerful things. Really. really. powerful. Enough said.

1. Birthdays are fun! We spent two days celebrating family and friends, and I'm still excited for the next party!

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