Do Your [Homeschooled] Kids Get Snow Days?

I get that question a lot. That's like asking "Do your [Christian] kids get Santa Claus?" Oh, wait. I get that question a lot too! The answer to both is YES.

Snow days are fun. They're exciting! They're something to look forward to. Snow days are mini vacations--with roaring family room fires and homemade hot cocoa. The night before snow days we get to stay up late watching weather coverage on the news, and we get our gloves and snow pants ready. We sleep like we're waiting, well, for Santa Claus.

Last winter and this have been DUDS. The year before that, we had enough snow for three years...Oh, I see. This year, we never even got enough to make a proper snowball. Don't get me wrong--I'm not a cold weather, snow loving gal. But just one exciting hour watching the magic out the window, one round of dressing my kids (rather, watching them dress themselves now that they're old enough) in their crazy puffy snow clothes, just one of those is all I look forward to.

I probably shouldn't admit this publicly--but we took a snow day today even though there's no snow! We expected to wake up to 12 inches of white fluff. We only have a little rain. No snow.The county cancelled school last night, so there's a neighborhood Wii party in my family room. Right next to the roaring fire.

And as for Santa Claus, well, he's not omniscient or omnipresent, he doesn't know if you're  naughty or nice, he doesn't reward according to behavior. He's the great great great great...grandson of St. Nicholas, who loved to bless folks and threw money into the stockings of three sisters who needed dowries (according to legend). He loves to celebrate God's love for us by surprising us with little gifts in our stockings. And his son will take over when he gets too old to fly with reindeer. 

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