Home Again

This week the weather dropped near to fall temps, and it's been hard not to long for walks in the fallen leaves and hot pumpkin spice tea.

But, it's still summer.

Let me rephrase that--YAY, it's still SUMMER!

I love summer. It's my favorite season. I love living in my bathing suit and reading novels on the patio. I love watching my children run from the river to the pool, the river to the pool. I love late nights on the deck, drinking sangria and playing gin rummy with my husband.

But this summer has

This summer we've been to day camp, Cub Scout camp, overnight camp, youth retreat camp, arts camp. The boys joined the local football team. Two children are in physical therapy. And then there were the few weeks between camps when I tried to shove in time with all our friends, so I'll call that Crazy Playdate camp!

Wonderful things? You betcha!
Am I exhausted? You double betcha!!

What am I going to do about it? Stay in my jammies all day today. I might clean my house that's in a state of disrepair from all our busyness. But I might just load a new novel on my Kindle and go hide on the patio. Or chat with a friend on the archaic home phone. Home. That word sounds so nice...

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