Whose Time is it Anyway?

Do you remember that old show, "Whose Line is it Anyway?" A moderator would throw out a funny situation, and actors would just jump in with improv.

"Kid in a candy store gets his hand stuck in a jar...GO!"
"Your mother in law shows up on your honeymoon...GO!"

Each actor was at the mercy of the inner dialogue of his fellow actors, which made for crazy impromptu interactions. It really was hilarious!

Today we could have named our day, "Whose Time is it Anyway?" Hubby came home from his last few hours at his job and decided he wanted to spend the day with us.

"Time to go to PT, and hubby wants to join us...GO!"
"Visit mom and pick up dinner...GO!"

We were all at the mercy of each other's inner dialogue and personal pace. Well, "the kids and I" were at the mercy of hubby's racing inner dialogue.

We average a steady 45 mph most days, a good clip to get all our studies done and a few fun things or errands in. Not too many speed spurts, a little time set aside for idling (rest).

Hubby is a speed-demon. The man has no "slow" setting. He must be moving, thinking, talking aloud, doing, producing. If he idles, he stalls out (snoring).

I remember a few years back when he was unemployed, going through this very adjustment. God was able to keep me from forming a root of bitterness. That is my prayer now: Let me appreciate my husband's qualities as complements to my own; let me harness them for good; let me love him well, even while he's speeding by me in the middle of our school room.

This might just be the time to put a few more miles on my stationary bike, or schedule some lunches out with friends...

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