Whose Time is It Really?

I'm ashamed of my last post,
but I refuse to take it down in order to save face.
To preserve my own dignity in this case means covering up God's work in me.

My complaints bear testimony to my selfishness in the flesh,
and to erase their evidence takes away the opportunity to proclaim that
I serve a God who refused to leave me enslaved to my own flesh,
who would rather send His son to DIE than to see me in chains to selfishness and sin forever.

When I came to know Christ and take in personally the great work
He accomplished on the cross for the children He so loves (including me),
I was given the Holy Spirit as a seal to remind me I AM HIS.
The Spirit bears witness that my flesh has been annihilated.

The old ways of living and mustering up for myself a halfway decent existence are GONE.
I am a New Creation.
The old has passed away and the new has COME.
My flesh is no longer my master, and the
MASTER has overcome the trappings of my flesh.

No longer do I need to ferret out situations, try to find ways of looking at them anew,
because I AM NEW. I have new eyes and a new heart with which to see life.
Flesh, you cannot make me do what you will anymore--
It is His will that moves inside me.

So, flesh, to answer your question, "Whose Time is it Anyway?" 

It is God's time.

He can do with it whatever He wants. Period.
He doesn't need to explain anything to me, and
He doesn't need permission from you, because
My MASTER has no master.

It's Your Time, Lord. Do with it what You will...

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Inge said...

What a great reminder for us all!!