My first top ten of the year:

10. The...government... moves...slowly...We are in process of applying for emergency healthcare and unemployment, and other things to help during this season of unemployment, but this stuff takes SO LONG. If I were President, my first order of business would be to burn big dumpsters full of red tape.

9. Snow is relative. When you live in a mid-Atlantic state, you look forward to one or two sled-worthy snows. You bide your time for those very few snow days made for sipping hot cocoa by the fire and reading Little House on the Prairie books. But when you get snow after snow after snow, it gets old. Old and cold. That's where I am right now.

8. It's hard to spring-clean when they're calling for snow. My house is dirty. Enough said.

7. Having a dirty house is humbling. Today friends dropped off their son, and I was mortified that my house STUNK. Granted, we had a water leak that morphed into gunky, malodorous ceiling tiles. But still...stink stinks. 

6. Health insurance is a racket. We are insurance-less right now, since hubby was laid-off and nothing else has kicked in. To pay $1800/month for coverage would wipe out our savings (aka living money) in a snap, and the new Affordable Care Act is soooo un-affordable. I don't have a clue about subsidies and aid, and the government...is...slow...

5. My older two children went to their first dance last night. They dressed up, I took photos, and then I grilled them this morning. So FUN! I can't wait to see some shots from my friend who chaperoned.

4. I wanted a peanut butter shake, I got a nose ring. Well, technically, two of my friends got nose rings while I held their hands and coached breathing. Note to self: Next time you drop off your kids at a dance, mention peanut butter shakes before your friends start driving to the tattoo parlor.

3. My body likes to hoard tension. My neck and upper back are pockets full of rocks. But my very talented, very generous massage therapist friend worked magic, and now I can move my neck and breathe normally. Big thanks to her!

2. I want to find some new outlets--paying outlets--for writing. I am working for a local magazine, which I love. But it's only quarterly, and I want more regular gigs. Any ideas? 

1. Jesus is so GOOD. Today our pastor reminded us that He isn't on anyone's payroll, He doesn't operate according to political or philosophical fads, but He simply LOVES. That's it--that's His big plan to win the world: LOVE. Unconditional love.

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